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Hello and welcome to Swift's Reality!
This is my
private page
, currently you can find here the following stuff:
» How to format an internal Dreambox HDD

» Gods Unchained: Most used cards in all winning decks (meta cards)
» Gods Unchained: Guide for crypto beginners
» Final Fantasy XIV: How to improve the gfx quality?
» Gods Unchained: Genesis set - hard cap
» Factorio: How to create the perfect buffer without a signal circuit?
» Factorio: How to create a warning signal when if there is a resource shortage?
Projekte und Schnippsel (German only)
» Das Todes-Labyrinth
» Google Maps auf kommerziellen Webseiten
» PHP, Ajax, Javascript, Server Push, Internet Explorer und die Sache mit dem readyState==3

Projects and snippets
» How to check for executables in ZIP-files with Anomy Sanitizer
» How to check if a user likes my page on facebook without any API-request
» How to check mails with Postfix (SASL!SSL), Anomy Sanitizer and Spamassassin with inbound-detection
» How to compile LESS files to CSS with PHP, optionally in Eclipse
» How to create a permanent 301-redirect for Google with Apache
» How to install Adobe CS3 Photoshop, Master Collection or Creative Suite under Vista or Windows 7
» How to paste a large amount of text with AutoHotKey
» How to route mails with Postfix based on the sender of the mail
» How to use more than 2 monitors with Windows Vista
» Pure CSS closable message window

» Choppy XP splash screen on EEE
» How to install Ubuntu or Kubuntu on EEE PC 701, 900, 901 via USB stick and Windows
» How to install Windows XP on EEE PC 701, 900, 901 via USB stick and Windows
» How to resolve freezes in Firefox 3
» Should I format an USB stick or a SSD drive via FAT32 or NTFS

» FFT Photoshop plugin by Alex Chirokov
» Swift's Photoshop Filter 01~ Fractalize

This is a huge computer-generated animation made by me. All parts of the animation were created 1999, but in 2002 I had a little time to make a complete MPEG-file out of this. All animations were done with POV-Ray 3.1, a freeware raytracing-program. All animations were made without the use of a modeller! You can download the MPEG (be warned: 56MB!!) here:
The format is 352x288@30fps - this is not 100% VCD-compliant but most SVCD-players should play this if you burn an VCD/SVCD out of this. Playing the file on your Windows-PC (>=Win98) or PowerPC (>=MacOS8) should never be a problem. But: Is this the end? We'll wait and see ... ;-)
: You can use the animation for private purposes (the animation and the zip-file must remain untouched and complete!) but if you would like to use it for commercial purposes or for public showing you have to ask for permission.
CG-artwork 1997-1999
A snippet from my old private homepage:
» Raytracing art of the years 1997 to 1999

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