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How to format an internal Dreambox HDD

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Normally you can use the HDD initialisiation embedded in Enigma2 (Menu->System->Harddisk). But if something went wrong or you have a HDD which was already used in another system, the function can cause problems.
But you can do the initialisation manually:
- connect to your Dreambox via telnet (login: root)
- umount /media/hdd
- fdisk /dev/sda (delete old partitions, create new linux partition)
- mkfs.ext3 -L hdd /dev/sda1
- restart the box and auto-mount the HDD under Menu->System->Harddisk (press OK on your selected HDD)
Without any warranty - use this information at your own risk.
Created at 2012-01-15
Tags: dreambox hdd harddisk disk format init initialize

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